16 under 100 calorie Foods

These foods were selected based on two factors:

  • The first was that they must be full of nutrients like vitamins and antioxidants for your health.
  • The second is that they must be under 100 calories per 1 cup serving.
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Can Anti-Inflammatory Foods Really Help?

Anti Inflammatory FoodsCan certain foods take the heat out of inflammation, a condition now linked to a wide range of chronic health problems including heart disease and Alzheimer’s? Some headlines suggest combating it is as easy as sipping a daily cup of turmeric tea – but is it really? Sue Quinninvestigates.

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KaleKale is one of the most nutrient leafy vegetables to be consumed these days. Besides its rich green color, Kale is full of minerals and vitamins (Vit A, C, E and K), is low in calories, fat free and has phytochemicals called lutein and zeaxanthin.

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The Real Truth Behind Nutrition Fads

yogartRobyn Barefoot, RD Registered Dietitian

We’ve heard of new trends within the news, media or maybe your neighbor, but do we know the real evidence behind it all? Tune in below to discover science-based evidence behind some of the most popular nutrition trends.

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