Adjustable Intragastric Balloon


CGBI-Jump6 is the Exclusive distributor for the Spatz Adjustable Balloon in Toronto and Canada, but this product is not yet approved for use by Health Canada for use in Canada.  We are in the process of clinical trials. 


As the name implies, the balloon is adjustable in size – even inside the patient's stomach. After the first months of successful weight loss, the patient's body acclimatizes to the balloon and standard intragastric balloons begin to lose their effect. In fact, studies have shown that today, 80% of the weight loss experienced is in the first three months.

Simply leaving the balloon in longer does not increase weight loss significantly. The unique Spatz™ Adjustable Balloon System allows the physician to perform a simple endoscopy procedure to add fluid to the balloon at any time. Each volume addition produces a fresh effect, facilitating renewed weight loss.

Our clinical trials have reported an additional 17 ½ lb weight loss following volume adjustments. This additional weight loss plus the initial weight loss is quite impressive. But, remember, this depends on your cooperation with the program.

More significantly, our system allows us to decrease the balloon volume, which can give the stomach time to "re-set" back to normal. After this "re-set" period, the balloon can be re-inflated for a fresh start and renewed effect. All of this is available, only with a balloon that is adjustable.

adjustable_intragastric_balloon_filledOn the other scale, the first few days with an intragastric balloon can be difficult. The patient needs to overcome unpleasantness and nausea while the body adjusts to the balloon. In a small number of cases, despite real determination, some patients are just unable to manage. Instead of abandoning the patient's investment in their weight loss program, the physician can perform a simple endoscopy to remove some fluid from the balloon allowing the treatment to continue. At a later point in time, when the patient's body has acclimated, another endoscopy procedure can be performed to increase the balloon volume.

Adjustability is just one of the features that make the Spatz™ Adjustable Balloon System a clear standout in the growing field of non-surgical weight loss therapies.
The Spatz adjustable intragastric balloon has gone through clinical trials in Europe and now approved for 1 year implantation.  This is a first for gastric balloons. All other gastric balloons have 6 month implantation restrictions, due to the risk of balloon migration and bowel obstruction.

Longer implantation time alone, is unlikely to produce greater weight loss. Our study has reported an average of 78 lb weight loss in our patients that have reached one year. Further results in our study are forthcoming. In addition to greater weight loss, longer implantation time provides extra behavior modification time, which yields longer lasting results.

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*All results vary patient to patient.