How is Jump6 different?

The Jump6™ program featuring the Intragastric Balloon is unlike anything you have ever experienced. It’s not a diet. It’s not surgery. It’s not a pill. It’s a novel and proven system of weight loss.

The Jump6™ program featuring the Intragastric Balloon has several advantages over other weightloss
plans. With the Jump6™ gastric balloon program you can:

Have a feeling of fullness sooner and longer after meals
to encourage portion control – no more ravenous
You can lose more weight than with other diet programs – achieve success!
Be supported by a team of medical experts – we’re in
this together!
Learn principles for long-term success – so you can keep
that lost weight off!
Have the benefits of a non-surgical, non-pharmaceutical
approach – as easy as not eating meat pie!

Jump6-Weight-lossJoin the thousands of men and women from around the world that have achieved success with the assistance from the jump6 weight loss program. Are you ready to finally slip on your favourite pair of skinny jeans and look and feel incredible? Are you ready to finally jump start your way to a healthier lifestyle and look amazing.

Call and speak with a patient care coordinator today at 647-667-7473 and get a jump start on your weight loss with the help from jump6.

*All results vary patient to patient.


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All results vary patient to patient.