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Established in 2009

Jump6 was the first clinic in Canada to offer the intragastric balloon for weight loss and still continues to assist thousands of men and women in achieving their weight loss goals.

What Doctors are Saying

The health risks of being overweight, in terms of cardiovascular disease, Type 2 diabetes, musculoskeletal disorders and some cancers are well known.

…Recent evidence from a large prospective, 10 year follow-up of over 500,000 middle aged men and women showed a two-three fold greater risk of mortality in obese than non obese individuals, and a 20-40% increased risk of death in overweight subjects – confirming the dangers of excess body weight at all levels.

As part of a supervised diet and lifestyle modification program, Jump6™ program featuring the Intragastric Balloon is a useful tool in helping patients with a qualifying BMI and previous poor record of dietary success to achieve significant weight loss over the six months that the device and support program are in place.

The Intragastric Balloon used in conjunction with the Jump6™ program, including a supervised diet and lifestyle modification, is designed to increase the possibility of sustaining weight loss. The Intragastric Balloon indicated for a maximum placement duration of six months.

Intragastric Balloon experts from Italy, Brazil, Spain and Canada conducted a survey, in person or over the phone, with 186 current (40%) and post-removal (60%) patients. Eighty-seven percent of patients were satisfied to very satisfied with the intragastric balloon and 85% would recommend the intragastric balloon to others.

International Intragastric Balloon experts, with experience in over 6,000 patients, have collaborated to identify a global standard of care for Jump6™ program featuring the Intragastric Balloon patients. Key issues, which are addressed, are: selecting, preparing and monitoring patients, placing and removing the intragastric balloon and optimizing successful outcomes.

Overweight and obese patients are a major health challenge for physicians working in a wide range of specialties and the long term risks of all levels of excess body weight are well recognized. The Jump6™ program featuring the Intragastric Balloon has proven efficacious and safe* since its introduction in 1997. Improvements of the intragastric balloon’s outer shell and valve were introduced in 2004 and, in the experience of the expert panel, no leakages or deflations have been seen with over 80,000 Intragastric Balloon placements.

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*All results vary patient to patient.