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Established in 2009

Jump6 was the first clinic in Canada to offer the intragastric balloon for weight loss and still continues to assist thousands of men and women in achieving their weight loss goals.

Lap Band

The Lap BandThe LAP-BAND® System procedure is an effective, minimally-invasive weight loss solution that offers long-lasting results.

How it WorksThe Bandworks by allowing you to feel satisfied with smaller portions of food. The Bandis placed around the upper part of the stomach. Signals are sent to the brain, which responds by thinking the entire stomach is full. Even though you’re eating less, you will feel satisfied and less hungry. The band is adjustable and reversible. Your band can be tightened or loosenedas desired or required. The procedure is done as an out patient basis and has minimal side effects.

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*All results vary patient to patient.